Web Site Submission

You build a website to attract visitors. What other purpose does it really serve?

The trick is finding ways to bring traffic to your website. If you’re a major brand like Coca-Cola or Ford, you can pay for advertising that features your domain name. It is also likely that your site will be ranked highly by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing because, well, you’re a major brand.

But what if you’re not a major brand? What if you’re a new business or an existing business that just started a website or is finally getting around to realizing you aren’t getting the traffic you deserve? You no doubt have realized that web surfers rely more and more on search engines to find products and services. And it has become more important than ever to make sure your site can be found IN those search engines for keywords or phrases associated with your business. Ultimately, your goal is to get your site indexed . . . but how? The Web Submitter will share with you some basic tools to do it yourself (you HAVE to be listed by Google), as well as some free and paid services, software, and other techniques to get you noticed.

Depending on where you are at in your journey of web submission, you can either start with our Basics page, or if more advanced, you can check out Web Submission Services or Web Submission Software. Regardless of where you start, it’s time to get your–and your website–noticed.